Thursday, 24 May 2007

And another one...

UK blogging librarians springing up everywhere - to tie in with the Plymouth Libraries' Flickr account mentioned earlier here's a link to a blogger from the South West... Library Notes is written by a librarian working towards Chartership and it shows how blogging seems to be gaining popularity as a useful way of keeping track of reading and professional development. I'm especially looking forward to reading the posts about Umbrella as I won't be there in person, just via the blogosphere! Found via the Umbrella wiki Clippers2007

Found! UK Blogging Librarians...

Not only are they UK blogging librarians but they are UK blogging public librarians! I've been following Michael's 025.04 blog for a couple of weeks but hadn't noticed that at the bottom of his profile lurked another blog. Signpost Libraries has some interesting ideas and seems to be linked to experiments with Talis Signpost. Unfortunately it also seems to have come to an end but I mention it because it looks like a good example of library staff collaborating via a blog. I'm off to leave a post on 025.04 to ask Michael about the project... and continue the hunt.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Plymouth Library Photo - Our other library van 3/365

And here's one of their photos...

UK Public Library on Flickr

Plymouth Libraries have a Flickr account and are uploading photos regularly. Many of them seem to be documenting the travels of the Bookstart Bear, BB but there are also pictures of library displays, new buildings and library events. I hope they continue with it as I'm enjoying the glimpse into a public library not too far away! Very few comments so far so why not pop over and say hello to them?

Friday, 11 May 2007

National Archives do Podcasts!

Recently I've been less in library world in the evenings and back researching my family history. On the hunt for blogs, RSS feeds etc that are not about libraries (I got tagged!) I came across the podcast series at the National Archives. If you're at all interested in history, genealogy or archives I have to recommend this series. So far I've listened to an introduction to the Family Records Centre (would be useful to have on an MP3 player on your first visit), Anthony Adolph talking about his famous ancestor who may have been the father of Charles II and an introduction to workhouse records . One of my ancestors was born in the Barnet Union Workhouse which may have been the inspiration for the workhouse in Oliver Twist so the workhouse podcast was particularly fascinating. Worth a listen.

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